We offer a variety of social media management services. Our goal is to grow your brand's online presence and post valuable content that drives likes, comments, and shares. Engage your fans. Give them a great experience, creative and targeted content, and build that relationship to keep them coming back for more.

We understand that running a business page is different than running a personal social media page. So we develop a content calendar, strategy for posts, and decide when the best time is to deliver to keep your audience engaged. We currently offer management of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages.

For Fitness Franchisees

FitPro Exclusive

We supply the social posts, you use them on your Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter accounts. Learn more here


FitPro Posting Service

We post a new post to your Facebook, Instagram, and/or Twitter accounts Monday-Thursday. You'll see a great variety in posts, all aimed to create engagement. Learn more here.

For All Small Business Owners

Realtor Exclusive

A closed Facebook group comprised of small business owners like yourself! We supply the social posts, you use them on your social accounts. Image, text, and hashtags (if relevant) included. Simply download the image (save to your desktop or phone), copy our text and go to your page(s), load the image and paste the text! You can do one daily or sit down and schedule a week at a time. Or continue reading and we will do the posting for you! Learn more here.

Realtor Exclusive Posting Service

This includes creating a content calendar for you, deciding what to post, when to post it, designing the post, and scheduling it to your page. Text and hashtags, if relevant, included. Learn more here.


Other Social Media Management

Cover Photo Design

Get a Facebook or Twitter cover designed that will make your business look above the rest. We'll even place it for you, just make us an editor on your Facebook page or send us your login to Twitter. We'll help you with the steps. We can use video or still images to create your new cover photo.


Profile Picture Design

Want your logo added to your profile picture or maybe the size isn't fitting correctly?


Facebook Event Set-Up

We'll set the whole thing up! Dates, details, cover photo. We can even set up a Facebook/Instagram ad to advertise your event for an additional fee. 

Image by Doug Maloney

"Amanda from Pinecrest Marketing is amazing! She has been such a huge help and a tremendous resource for my business marketing. Highly recommend!" -Andrea