We would love to help you manage your Facebook page.

With our posting service, you will get a new post Monday-Friday to your business Facebook page. We create the content, design the image, and include copy and hashtags in all of our posts. You. Will. Love it. 

What is SmallBiz Exclusive?

It's a closed Facebook group where we offer images you can use on your business pages! Never know what to post? We provide it! This is available to any small business owner.


We offer two services within SmallBiz Exclusive: (1) access to our closed Facebook group and graphics that you can take and post to your Facebook business page and (2) utilize our posting service and let us post for you!

(1) The Facebook group.

Unlimited access to pre-made posts for all small business owners. At just $100/month, you can take as many images as you'd like, schedule your week of posts ahead and focus on running your business. The hard part's done! Oh, and no contracts.

(2) The posting service. 

You just make us an editor on your page (we will tell you how) and we will post for you! For just $300 a month, you get a post to your Facebook page every single day of the work week. You heard us right, Monday through Friday, for only a three hundred bucks a month! You also get access to the closed Facebook group, if you desire additional posts. Closed because of weather? We have you covered. Changing hours? Yep, we have that too. No contracts.

If you want additional customized posts (to your business or specialty) let's talk!

Tell us about yourself and we'll get back with you ASAP!


10. Your Facebook page will be more engaged than ever before! Is it dead now? We're sorry. But the good news is that we can revive it! A little TLC and it'll be working in your favor again soon.

9. It's a one-stop-shop. All the posts you need in one convenient location. Best part: you can access them on your phone, on-the-go!

8. You will LOVE all the free time you have, not having to come up with things to post. Time is precious.

7. You'll get access to ALL of the images we design, five new every week, minimum. We love what we do and sometimes get carried away and add more. We're sorry.

6. It's inexpensive. Best $100 (or $300) you'll spend each month. Well, unless you count eating out. Someone else cooking is priceless.

5. Posts are organized in albums, so you can quickly find what you need. So. Stinking. Easy.

4. You'll look good and have a more engaged page than you did before. Take the credit! We're cool with that.

3. We're fresh. And fun. And creative. So you will be too! And having just opened this branch of our company, you'll be the first of your business friends to join! Always good to be the first. #winning

2. Your social media pages will look a step above the rest. Thus the "Exclusive" part. We don't share junk memes. They're professional posts, non-offensive and suitable for a wide-variety of readers.

1. You can sleep well at night and not worry about copyright infringement. YIKES! Ain't nobody got time for that.


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