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Marketing in the Dog Days of Summer

As the summer heat peaks, consumer behavior shifts. People are on vacation, attending outdoor events, and generally spending less time indoors (of course, depending on how hot it is where you, maybe they’re going BACK indoors). To effectively reach your audience during these "dog days" of summer, your marketing strategy needs to adapt. Here are some tips.

Leverage Seasonal Themes

  • Use bright, vibrant colors and summer-related imagery in your marketing materials.

  • Incorporate themes of relaxation, travel, and outdoor activities to resonate with your audience's current lifestyle.

  • Highlight products or services that are particularly useful or popular during the summer months, such as summer fashion, water bottles that keep liquids cold, or even cooling towels! Example: if you own a fitness center, this is a good opportunity to remind people you have a climate-controlled facility and to get out of the heat for their workout!

Capitalize on Mobile Marketing

  • Ensure your website (if applicable) and marketing content are mobile-friendly since people are often on the go during summer.

  • Use SMS marketing and push notifications to reach customers with timely offers and updates.

Host Summer Events and Promotions

  • Host or sponsor local events like BBQs, festivals, or sports tournaments to engage with your community and increase brand visibility.

  • Consider virtual events if in-person gatherings aren't feasible, such as online summer workshops, classes, or webinars.

  • Offer summer sales, limited-time discounts, or special bundles that cater to the season’s needs.

  • Create contests or giveaways that encourage user participation and social sharing, boosting engagement and brand awareness.

Engage with Social Media Campaigns

  • Share user-generated content, such as photos or stories of customers enjoying your products during summer.

  • Post regularly on social media with summer tips, tricks, or hacks related to your industry.

  • See our blog on why social (specifically Facebook) continues to be an effective tool in your marketing toolbox.

Adjust Your Email Marketing

  • Design email campaigns with summer themes and catchy subject lines to grab attention.

  • Provide value by offering summer-related content, such as travel guides, outdoor activity suggestions, or seasonal recipes.

  • Send personalized offers that align with individual preferences and purchasing behaviors during the summer.

  • For more tips, review our 7 Tips for Mastering Your Email Marketing

Focus on Local SEO

  • Update your Google My Business profile with summer hours, events, and promotions. Check out our previous blog on the 6 Benefits to Google Business Profiles if you missed it!

  • Ensure your business shows up in local searches, particularly if you’re offering seasonal products or services.

  • Publish social or blog posts or articles that target summer activities in your area, incorporating relevant keywords to boost local SEO.

  • Highlight any summer events or community involvement on your website (if applicable) and social media to enhance local engagement.

By adapting your marketing strategy to align with seasonal behaviors and interests, you can keep your brand relevant and engaging during the hottest months of the year. Embrace the summer spirit, and watch your marketing efforts heat up! If we can help, give us a shout!

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