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Ready to take it up a notch? Let's partner for a great rebound! We've created a package that will get you where you need to be. A partnership to "stay on top of things!"


Keep your social pages busy, potential and current customers in-the-loop with emails, and continuous ads running. Oh, and a trustworthy and communicable partner. No big payments. No contract. No additional fees. Card on file charged end of month for the next month. Are you in? Only $250/mo for everything below.

Image by Gyorgy Szemok

Affordable Solutions

Save money. Pay monthly and only pay for what you need, when you need it.

Want to know how your ad did? Just ask! Want to tweak your target audience? You got it!

Too busy to keep your page going and no time or desire to learn? Welcome aboard!

Order only the prints you need. We'll even load to VistaPrint for you, you just place the order!

Work with someone you can trust and wants to grow your business too!

Pro Package Includes:

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Daily FB + IG Posting

We will post Monday-Friday to your biz Facebook and Instagram page. A great variety to keep your page busy and members engaged while grabbing the attention of potential members! Of course you can post your own pics/videos in addition to ours. You also have access to FitPro Exclusive for unlimited images.

Screen Shot 2021-06-18 at 4.41.36 PM.png

Monthly FB + IG Ads

Let us know your monthly budget and we'll take it from there. Of course you'll spend more during a promo, but always have something running! We will use corp images, unless you send us your pics. Ad will run on both platforms. Suggested ad spend: $100/mo. You are responsible for your ad spend.

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Prints On The Cheap + Loaded Free

Order only what you need! Pinecrest uses VistaPrint as an affordable and quality printing company. We design, we load, you order. Super easy and saves you time and money. Ships right to your door! You are responsible for your print costs.

Screen Shot 2021-06-18 at 4.37.17 PM.png

Weekly Stay-in-Touch Emails

We will send weekly emails to warm-up potential customers and retain your currents. We recommend Constant Contact, but will use any platform you prefer. Send photos (or we can pull from FB) and send us info you'd like to include. Otherwise we'll come up with the content and shoot you a proof before sending. FOMO at work here!


Free Graphics. Yeah, You Read That Right.

Need to advertise a special event or class for your center? As a Pinecrest Pro client, you get two freebies each month. Included are FB posts, flyers, schedules, and event images. Want biz cards? That counts as two (two sides). Use or lose, they don't carry over to the next month.


The Best Part: A Trusted Partner.

Consider us your partner and know we're here to help. Call, text, DM, email... whatever (and whenever) works best for you. Need to vent? Need to brainstorm? You can't put a price on trust, friendship, and a committed biz partner!


Q: Do you take 20% off the top like other companies do? Are there hidden fees?
At Pinecrest, we appreciate transparency; thus the reason we're offering this. We want you to know exactly what we're getting. What you see is what you get...and what you pay!

Q. Will you set up the corp emails they're providing to get customers back? 
A: You betcha! We like that they're short and sweet. And we can customize with your fun pics of your people to help give it that little extra push! Send them our way.

Q. $250 seems a little high.
A. Add everything up! It's also the kick-in-the-rear many of us need to get our locations going again! Rebound time!!! We're partnering up and bringing the energy to the party. We plan to keep your social pages booming, creating interest with weekly emails, monthly ads, and more. We're trying new things! Look at it like a commitment to your business. Oh, and no contract. 

Q: So what if I only want FB ads? I can handle the posts, the graphics, and the emails.  

A: We're happy to help however we can. But remember, the reason behind this package is to create engagement, stir things up a bit, and partner to get going!!! However that looks, let us know our part. See more on
à la carte below.

Q: I have multiple locations. Is it $250 x 2?

A: Let's talk. Depends if you have all-in-one contact list or needing each location personalized posts/emails. 

Q: I like to support my local printer. Can you email me things you design?

A: Of course. You don't have to use VisaPrint. We like that you like to support small business, we're one ourselves!

Q: Just to clarify, I still have to pay for my Facebook ads, right?

A: Correct. You're simply paying us to set them up for you. It's about $40/ad if we break down the costs of the package. What we've always charged, pre-COVID.

Q: And you don't do PPC with Google? 

A: Not at the moment. We don't want to offer anything we're not 110% confident in. But stay tuned...

Q: What email platform is best? 

A. We recommend using Constant Contact. It's $25/mo (average) for most owners. What we love: you can click one box to re-send to non-openers. Get a better open rate! We're happy to set you up, no charge! Send us your lists and we'll import.

Q. So I get free graphics? 
A. Yep, two each month! We're pretty flexible on this, so if you want business cards one month, that counts as both (front and back). Unused freebies do not carry over to the next month. 

Q. So you have others helping you set them up?
A. Yes! Amanda creates the content calendar. Emmy, our newest addition at Pinecrest, creates the content. Then Lori takes that content and duplicates/personalizes it in each of your email platforms! Triple threat, you get us all!

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