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Amanda Cook

Founder & CEO (Chief Everything Officer)

Amanda lives in Kansas and is a graduate of Santa Fe Trail High School, Allen County Community College, Washburn University, and Cisco Networking Academy.

Amanda has over 20 year of marketing experience, but started Pinecrest Marketing in 2018 when her youngest went to school. She enjoys helping small business owners achieve their goals, reach new customers, and grow by way of clean and simple marketing. 


Amanda is married to her high school sweetheart, Nathan, and they have four children that keep them busy. She has served as a local volunteer coach, church volunteer, as well as other community service volunteer positions. She has also been a certified fitness instructor and owner for over ten years.

Please reach out with any questions; she would love to hear from you! Or brainstorm. Or answer redundant questions. Let's talk!


Lori Cramer

Social Media Manager 

Lori lives in Indiana and holds a degree in computer science from Taylor University and has experience as a former database designer and programmer. She is currently working for McCool Consultants, in addition to joining forces with Amanda at Pinecrest.

Lori has eight years of marketing experience. She has worked with small businesses developing logos, social media ads and websites, as well as creating marketing and training materials for a major medical device company.

Lori is a wife and mother to two beautiful daughters. She also enjoys taking the stage to blow off steam and stress as a certified Jazzercise instructor and Barre instructor at Relevate Fitness!

We're excited and blessed to have Lori on our team. Feel free to email Lori and say hi!

What we love: Lori was our first contractor added to the Pinecrest team. We can always trust Lori's expertise and suggestions.


Jennifer Anshutz

Owner Email Strategist

Jennifer lives in Kansas and is a graduate of Santa Fe Trail High School and Emporia State University. 

Jennifer is married to her high school sweetheart, Zac, and they have two children, as well as two dogs. She has served many positions as a community service volunteer and helping out with her children's school activities.

Jennifer enjoys being outdoors, walking their dogs, exercising, and following her kids around to their various activities. 


Jennifer has over 25 year of marketing experience in the corporate world; we are glad to have her assisting us in our email marketing campaigns. Reach out with any questions; she would love to hear from you! 

What we love: Jennifer bring corporate experience to the team. We appreciate her tips and ideas on various discussions and decisions.


Ashlee Forbes

Client Email Strategist & Brand Communications

Ashlee lives in Kansas and is a graduate of Fort Hays State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Leadership. After college, she found her passion for marketing and helping others, as well as their businesses, grow. She has experience working with small business owners, developing websites, and managing social media for clients. She is also involved in her affiliate marketing business.

Ashlee is newly married to Nathan. They enjoy being outside, finding things to do around the farm, being involved in church, spending time with family, and traveling to new places.


Ashlee is very excited to be a part of the Pinecrest team and we're stoked to have her on board as well! 

What we love: Ashlee is always willing to take on new tasks and does great with them! She is such a great asset to our team.


Tyler Terrell

Google Ad Expert

Tyler is from Missouri and runs an orthodontic marketing business. He helps orthodontic practices get more patients per month on autopilot with strategic Facebook ads, but he's also great on Google! So we're super excited to have him offering that service for our clients.

Tyler has a college background in business and marketing, loves people, traveling, and you guessed it, marketing! He is also newly married to Liza. They enjoy spending time in the warm climate Florida has to offer over the winter months.

We're very excited to have Tyler offering PPC ads for our clients. Reach out and say hi!

What we love: Tyler's business was founded on Biblical principles. He provides integrity, trust, and excellent service for all clients. We feel he's a great fit!


Keirsten Thomas

Growth Marketer​

Keirsten is from Pennsylvania, but currently lives in Georgia. She holds a degree in Communications from Mercer University and an M.A. in Corporate Communications from Duquesne University. 


She has a background in content creation, teaching, and over five years of retail management. Her master's degree in Corporate Communications has equipped her with the knowledge to market to the right audience and follow economic changes. Her background in operations allows her to be utilized for campaign execution and content creation. She has phenomenal interpersonal communication skills to help meet clients needs. 


She loves dancing as a Jazzercise instructor, goes to Hotworx for yoga, and enjoys painting in her free time as a stress reliever. She is a mother of two: a girl who is a gymnast and a baby boy.

We're happy to have Keirsten on our team!

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