Image is everything. Whether you're in need of a logo design, new brochures, a great flyer for your upcoming event, or a fun t-shirt design, Pinecrest is ready to work with you to create your vision. We know you want to know what you're getting into, so our prices are below!

Many of our design items can be ordered at It's our preferred printing service. We can create an account for you, using your email address. Or you can and send us the login, we'll load for you! VistaPrint does a great job and is very affordable. Local prints are also a great option. Totally up to you!

We're proud to offer affordable, professional designs. Plus, we're good at what we do, so we're efficient (fast). And don't charge you for that extra time, just for the job.

$25/single side | $40/double side

Business cards, post cards, banners, coupons, rack cards, gift tags, lawn signs, door hangers, gift certificates, gift tags, apparel, letterhead, address labels, Facebook/Twitter cover photos, stickers, social images.


$35/single side | $50/double side

Flyers, posters, celebration/holiday cards, invitations, event tickets.


Print ad design (magazines/newspapers/programs): $40

Logo design: $95

•GIF design: $25

Brochures: bi-fold $120, tri-fold $180

•Resumes: hard copy (old fashioned, printed or PDF) $75, landing page (single website page with link) $175

"To be able to request a service, whatever that service may be, and have the confidence that it will be handled in a professional and timely manner is a major reason that Pinecrest Marketing, Inc. is my go to." -Leigh Ann


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