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Hey, FitPros!

Imagine if you could...

Find someone you trust to help you run your business. They're affordable. And trustworthy.

Find someone to set up your social media ads. They do your emails.
Also manage your Facebook and Instagram pages. 


Find someone with fantastic ratings, offers great customer service and responds fast! 

Find someone that is a fitness instructor themselves, with years of experience, so they know the industry.

Find someone with à la carte (starting at just $10) services. Including no contracts. Ever.


Scroll through some of the services and fill out the form below if you have any questions. We'll get back to you ASAP.

Psst. That's me.

Facebook Posting
Want us to post for you? We'll keep your page busy with a new post 5x a week! You'll see a variety of posts, including engaging and promotional. Only $60/mo! More here.
FitPro Exclusive
A closed Facebook group comprised of FitPros only. You are supplied a new post to use on your social pages 5x a week, you also get first "dibs" at job requests and special offers. More here.
Instagram Posting
Don't have time? We get that you're busy and just want your account to stay busy. We'll post 5x a week for you! More here.
SignUp Genius
Have limitations on class sizes? We can help get a SignUp Genius account set up for you! Let us know how many can attend, your class dates, and we'll get you a link. Include it on your social pages, in emails, texts, anywhere your people need to see it! 
COVID-19 Questionnaire
Is a COVID-19 questionnaire required before attending your class? We can help set up a simple Google form that is linked to your SignUp Genius account or just send you the link to have on hand. All answers go to a Google Sheet (spreadsheet) that you'll have access to.
Facebook Profiles +
Cover Photos
Need a cool cover photo for your Facebook page or maybe need an event cover? We're on it! Or can't quite get your profile pic the way you want it, we can help with that too. Just ask!
Facebook + Instagram Ads
Overwhelmed with FB ads? We can take that stress away. A few quick details and we can get you going. Don't waste time and money setting it up incorrectly.We can create everything you need to get an engaging ad going for you. More here.
Twitter + Google Ads
Same as above. If Twitter is a better platform for you, let's get an ad going! Maybe Google is. Let's get a display ad or other pay per click (PPC) ad up. More here.
Direct Mail

Send postcards to your customers! Yeah, we handle that! Need a list of potential clients? We can get you that! Need a postcard designed, printed, then mailed? You guessed it. Or we can have them sent to you for addressing. Questions?
Graphic Design
Post cards, banners, coupons, rack cards, gift tags, lawn signs, door hangers, gift certificates, gift tags, apparel, letterhead, address labels, Facebook/Twitter cover photos, stickers, social images. Or maybe flyers, posters, celebration/holiday cards, invitations, event tickets. We even do brochures and logos.  More here.
Email Campaigns
Have an idea but need help? We can take your content and add to it! We can help set up an account with our preferred platform and get you fully set up! Send us your .csv or .xls contact lists and we'll take it from there. More here.
Facebook Events
The full set up: header image, event, ad. Events are GREAT! We recommend using them often. When someone RSVP's, Facebook sends them a reminder. Helps you get them in the door. More here.
We love Facebook and Instagram Stories. Wonder how to use them? Just ask! It's the place to be now. We're happy to help with any questions you might have.
I'm Amanda.
And I can help you with ALL of this. Let's team up!
Website Design
Every business needs a great website! If your franchise allows, this is one tool you must use. No doubt. More here.
Car Through Wall Graffiti
Image by Austin Chan
Image by Patrick Tomasso
Contact Form
Image by Doug Maloney

"I don't have time or the know-how to keep up with social media ."

- Said by many fitness owners. You are not alone.

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