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Take your social pages to the next level. Gain valuable marketing tips and advice. You'll see engagement like you've never seen before. We know it works, so we don't have a contract. Owners love it and don't leave!


"I LOVE your Fit Pro Facebook page. Your group is positive and makes me want to work harder. Thanks for all you do!" -Sarah

✅ What is FitPro Exclusive?

FitPro Exclusive is a closed Facebook group that offers fitness franchise owners unlimited access to pre-made posts. Your first month is free! Then at just $30/month, you can take what you'd like, schedule your week of posts ahead, and focus on running your business.


Please contact us if you're interested in a fully customized service for your small business.

✅ What is your Facebook posting service?

As a fitness franchise owner, for only $60 a month, you get a post to your Facebook page Monday through Friday. You also get access to the FitPro Exclusive Facebook page. Have multiple locations? Just $30/each additional.

✅ What do I get as a FitPro Exclusive member?

• Close to 2k social media posts ready for you to use and growing daily

• Exclusive marketing tips

• Learn how to use Facebook and engage your fans

• Forget about copyright infringement (using images you find online). You have permission to use everything on the page.

✅ What are the posts like?

They're a mix: motivational, educational, health tips, humorous, seasonal, holiday, engaging (questions, fill-in-the-blank), using a GIF, and more! Each image created comes with corresponding text and hashtags (when appropriate). A post ready for you to download the image, post on your page, and copy/paste the text.

Get your first month free! We want you to be able to see what the group is all about, at no risk.


10. Your Facebook page will be more engaged than ever before! 


9. It's a one-stop-shop. All the posts you need in one convenient location.

8. The marketing tips will help you learn to use social media more effectively. 

7. You'll get access to nearly 2k posts (images, text, and hashtags).  

6. Corporate images we include (as a bonus).

5. Posts are organized in albums, so you can quickly find what you need. 

4. It's about a buck a day to belong. A BUCK! 

3. It saves you time, stress, and makes you look really good. 

2. Your social media pages will look a step above the rest. 

1. You can sleep well at night and not worry about copyright infringement. 


"I really appreciate not having to find great and funny memes on my own that I have to modify thanks to your "refreshing" creative ideas. My facebook page has been a buzz lately with lots of feedback comments. Thank you!"


"Thank you! This exclusive access is so valuable to me. I spend a lot of time trying to find images and schedule posts. Thank you very much!"


"You are amazing! Your ideas, quotes, pictures, images, hashtags, everything, are AWESOME! Thank you!"


"Owning three locations in three separate cities can be a challenge. I generally don't have time to post positive, creative, fun and informative content on our Facebook pages. Amanda does the work for me. I'm definitely a fan!"