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FitPros, step it up.

Ready to take it up a notch? Do you spend approximately 20% of your revenue on marketing? We know you've heard, "You have to spend money to make money," so we've created three packages that will get you where you want to be. 


Keep your social pages busy, potential and current customers in-the-loop with weekly emails, and continuous ads running. Or choose to do most of that on your own and use the images we provide each day.


No big payments.

No contract.

No big percentages as fees.

Are you in?

Package Differences.png

Affordable Solutions

Pay monthly and only pay for what you need, when you need it.

Want to know how your ad did? Just ask! Want to tweak your target audience? You got it!

Too busy to keep your page going or desire to learn? Welcome aboard!

Order only the prints you need. We'll even load to VistaPrint for you!

Work with someone you can trust and wants to grow your business too!



Q: Do you take 25% off the top like other companies do?
A: No. 
We don't operate on a percentage fee model, we charge a flat rate for the work you hire us to do. We feel that's more fair vs the former.

Q: Do you require we sign a contract?

A: We don't. We're a small business ourselves, so we get not wanting to get yourself into a quarterly or year long commitment. Most owners stick with us anyway, without the pressure. 

If you have a business that needs a website or requesting more in-depth services, we might require a contact for that.

Q: I have multiple business locations. Is it $250 x 2?
A: Let's talk. Depends if you have all-in-one contact list or needing each location personalized posts/emails. Most get cut a good deal.

Q. So I get free designs with the Gold package? A. Yep, two each month! We're pretty flexible on this, so if you want business cards one month, that counts as both (front and back). Unused freebies do not carry over to the next month. 

Q: I like to support my local printer. Can you email me things you design?
A: Of course. You don't have to use VisaPrint. We
love that you like to support small business!

Q: How do I pay you?

A: If you're doing a package, we like to have a card on file for auto payment. If you ever want to remove it or add an updated one, we can do that. If we're doing a single job in addition to a package, we'll charge once the job is complete or email you an invoice.


Q: Just to clarify, I still have to pay for my Facebook ads, right?
A: Correct. You're simply paying us a flat fee to set them up for you.
Your card on file with Facebook will be charged at the end of your billing period.

Q: So what if I only want FB ads? I can handle my social page and emails.  A: We're happy to help however we can. The reason behind our packages is to create engagement, stir things up a bit, and partner up with you to get your business going! However that looks, let us know our part. 


Q: Do you offer PPC with Google? 
A: We sure do! We were on the hunt for a good fit for our team and found Tyler. He has his own marketing biz, but is a PPC expert, so we got a contract signed ASAP and welcomed him aboard!

Q: What email platform is best? A. We recommend using Constant Contact. It's $25-40/mo for most owners, depends on the number of contacts you have.
What we love: You can click one box to re-send to non-openers. Get a better open rate! Also, the platform is user-friendly and has great layouts. You can add images, GIFs, links, etc. anywhere you want them.We're happy to set you up, no charge! Send us your lists and we'll get it all going; we'll even set up your account for you and send you the login. Need us to retrieve your lists? Just send us the login where they are. 

Q. Will you set up the emails we're provided to get customers back? A: You betcha! We like that they're short and sweet. And we can customize with your fun pics of your people to help give it that little extra push! Send them our way.

Q. So you have others helping you set them up?
A. Yes! Amanda creates the content calendar and email template each week. Then Ashlee reproduces in each of your email accounts. She'll take that content and duplicates/personalizes it using your in-class photos and other content you want to advertise that week! Please keep in mind you are still responsible for proofing and letting us know if any edits need made prior to sending; we are human after all. But why wouldn't you?! It has your name on it!

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