In a nutshell: Amanda, Lori, and Emmy! We assist our clients with prompt, professional, and affordable service, ensuring their return. And we love working with every single one of them. Seriously. They call sometimes just to brainstorm or vent. We do that too...and don't charge!



Owner & CEO (Chief Everything Officer)

Phone: 785-215-2464

Email: amanda@pinecrest-marketing.com

Amanda lives in Kansas and is a graduate of Allen County Community College with an Associate of Arts degree, Washburn University with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree, with an emphasis in Marketing, and is also Cisco Certified by Cisco Networking Academy. She also has most of her teaching degree complete, but decided it just wasn't for her.

Amanda has over 20 year of marketing experience. She enjoys helping small business owners achieve their goals, reach new customers, and grow by way of clean and simple marketing. She is a firm believer in "less is more."


Amanda is married to her high school sweetheart, Nathan, and they have four children that keep them busy. She has served as a local volunteer coach, church volunteer, as well as other community service volunteer positions. She has been a certified fitness instructor for over ten years, teaches Terra-Core classes, and is a facility fitness owner. In her down time, she likes to...just kidding. She has no down time. But likes it that way.


Please reach out with any questions; she would love to hear from you! Or brainstorm. Or answer redundant questions. Let's talk!


Email Strategist & Facebook Media Manager 

Email: lori@pinecrest-marketing.com

Lori lives in Indiana and holds a degree in computer science from Taylor University and has experience as a former database designer and programmer. She is currently working for McCool Consultants, in addition to joining forces with Amanda at Pinecrest.

Lori has eight years of marketing experience. She has worked with small businesses developing logos, social media ads and websites, as well as creating marketing and training materials for a major medical device company.

Lori is a wife and mother to two beautiful daughters. She also enjoys taking the stage to blow off steam and stress as a certified Jazzercise instructor and Barre instructor at Relevate Fitness!

We're excited and blessed to have Lori on our team. Feel free to email Lori and say hi!


Content Creator & Instagram Media Manager

Email: emmy@pinecrest-marketing.com

Emmy lives in Kansas and graduated from John Brown University with a degree in Fine Arts with an emphasis in Illustration. She currently works for Kansas Secured Title, managing their Manhattan office’s marketing and events schedule, in addition to helping with various Pinecrest projects.


While serving on the board of her university's Visual Arts Foundry, she has worked on a little bit of anything and everything, from screen printing to social media advertisement! She has spent the last year since graduating working as a marketing director running various social media platforms and event planning!


Emmy is engaged and will be getting married in November. She likes to spend her free time attending trivia nights with her fiancé and working on passion projects!

We're excited to add Emmy on our team. Feel free to email her and say hi!



Our values reflect who we are and what we stand for. It’s something we’re proud of. We’ve earned a name for ourselves…a good one. 


We develop relationships with each and every client we work with. Get to know their business and market it as ours. We'll be on a first-name basis in no time and answer the phone with,"Hey, what's up?!"



We provide outstanding service to our clients and deliver nothing less than 100% satisfaction. Or we don’t charge AND we fix it. Thankfully we don't mess up often. Boy do we have good stories though! We make SURE to click total spend NOT daily spend. Been there, done that. And yeah, we covered it. Our mistake.



We work at lightning fast speeds. But no worries, we’re just good at what we do, quality is never compromised. We’re just fast. Our addiction to coffee helps expedite the process.



You can trust us. We’re one of you. #smallbizownersunite We have to stick together!



We share the same goal, no matter who works on your project (Lori or Amanda). And we ensure you’ll be satisfied with the end result. We want you to love it like we do!



We do what it takes to keep clients coming back. That means delivering a product or service they are proud to have their business name on. Every. Single. Time. 



Amanda works out of Pinecrest's main (home) office in Kansas.

Lori is at our extension (home) office in Indiana.

Emmy is at our other extension (home) office in Kansas.

Image by Doug Maloney

"Amanda w/Pinecrest Marketing is AMAZING!! A total whiz at website design! I would recommend her 100%! She just did our new business website and it’s amazing! Super fast, detailed, personable and affordable! 🙌🏻 I will definitely be back for any marketing needs!!" -Britt