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Our Story

Some fun background info on Pinecrest. Reach out if you have more questions- we love to chat!

The Pinecrest name.

Amanda and her family purchased a home on 23 acres in 2012 with a lot of pine trees. When cleaning out the shop, she found a keychain with old keys and the label, "Pinecrest Drive." So she went with it!

Start small.

While we love the variety we offer (because we get different jobs daily, never know what we'll be up to!), we started out only offering business cards and flyers! Gotta start small and build, right?


We started as Pinecrest Designs in 2015. As we grew and started offering other marketing services, we became Pinecrest Marketing, Inc. in 2016. Didn't take long! Then in 2023, we rebranded to Pinecrest Marketing Group. We are excited to see what the future holds for our team! 

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The beauty of the internet.

Improved technology and digital connectivity allows us to serve our clients from the comfort of our home offices. The Pinecrest team resides in Kansas, Illinois, Georgia, and Missouri! One even travels south to Florida for the winter! 

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